Travel Is Life

My name is Jady. I am here to talk about Travel and everything associated with it. To me, traveling is what life is all about. A chance to see other cultures, places and ways of life on this wonderful rock. I will be posting everything from photos I take to illustrations I create... down to menus from restaurants I've enjoyed. I will also reblog other photos of places I want to see or have been to but didn't get a chance to photograph. If you love to travel, let's talk!

When in the Bahamas…

Or anywhere else tropical for that matter, make sure you do the Stingray Shuffle! What’s that? Well several years ago I was visiting a private island called Coco Cay, right smack dab in the middle of the Bahamas and decided to cool off by taking one of those floating mats and slipping away in to paradise when not only did my plans for the day change, they changed for the entire trip. Walking out I had the mat laying on the water in front of me and was about knee deep in the water when I felt what is still to this day, the worst pain I had ever experienced in my life. I quickly pulled my foot up out of the water to see the barb of a stingray going all the way through my toe. I pulled the barb out and that is when things became very blurry and confusing. Long story short… Stingrays bury themselves in the sand and while they are the most gentle creatures in the ocean, still will lash out if they feel threatened. I guess stepping on them makes them feel threatened or something, I don’t know. I was lucky that day because the barb that releases the poison in your body went all the way through, the poison was released back in the water and all I had to deal with was stitches and a lot of pain for a couple of weeks. So make sure as you are walking out in to the water to shuffle your feet as you walk, which will scare them away and will keep you from having this same experience.

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